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Gas detectors location project

A IEx Consultoria em Instalações Elétricas Especializadas, atua no segmento de segurança e proteção de instalações elétricas em atmoferas explosivas

The IEx Consulting has developed a method for positioning the gas detectors, based on the concepts of area classification.


The method is based on analysis and combination of variables that could provide necessary conditions for a release occurs, whichever toxic or flammable gas establishing criteria by which detection would be mandatory or not, considering:

• the likelihood of the presence of flammable mixture informed by classifying areas;

• characteristics of the source of risk (process equipment), with its operating parameters, and the concept “relative magnitude of the sources of release”;

• physical and chemical properties of flammable substances such as flammability limits, flash point, volatility liquids;

The location of the sensors as standard orientation (see IEC 61779-6) should be defined in agreement with the plant operation specialists, professionals with expertise in the areas of classification and security professionals, observing:

- Magnitude of Source: Pressure, density, flow, volume, temperature;

- Physical and Chemical Characteristics of gases / vapors present;

- Volatility of Liquids;

- Personnel and Asset Protection;

- Location of Ignition Sources;

- Fully Non Ventilated (Pockets);

- Allow Time for action (alarms, ...);

- Wind Speed ​​and Direction;

- Topography of the plant;

- Specific Features: Capture of Air Ducts, cavities, ...

It should be noted that once defined the places where there is need for applying detectors, your installation should be carefully monitored, since its positioning is crucial to the confidence that the system will operate within the expected parameters.

For this we make a drawing that shows very clearly which area of ​​application of the detector.



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Rua Marechal Deodoro, 216 loja 18 Centro Petrópolis